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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wept For A Dream Destroyed


Freedom did we once enjoy
Now left weeping for a dream destroyed
The Great Spirit’s lands stolen from us
Treaties made and broken that were unjust
We wept for a dream destroyed

Forced to leave the lands we knew
Our heritage stolen, our hostility grew
Only wanted what had been rightfully ours for years
But still forced to walk the Trail of Tears
We wept for a dream destroyed

John Ross fought our annihilation for as long as he could
His devotion immense, his heart good
That didn’t matter to the president
We were still taken away from our residence
We wept for a dream destroyed

Many of us perished along the way
Walking death’s trail that swept us away
From all we cherished and revered so
It was to a reservation we were forced to go
We wept for a dream destroyed

Tears shed for a freedom we would not know again
Forced to give up all we had once been
Still we retained what was felt inside
Walked that damned trail with dignity and pride
We wept for a dream destroyed

Sherri L. Gibson, USA

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