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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Queen of Autumn


She is arraigned in a brilliant robe brushed effortlessly by the palette of nature,
A crown of golden oak leaves rests atop her copper tresses,

Within her hands she carries a scepter of maple branches and proudly displays her garment in quiet regal stature,

Her subject's branches bow offering leaves in homage,
While the wind's sharp chill encircles her as she passes,

She gathers their leaves embracing them like a lover,
Inhaling their pungent scent,

And as she turns, she smiles unclasping her robe
as the wind engulfs her,
Releasing the beauty of Autumn


  1. We love the colors in your image........BRAVO!!!!

  2. Beautiful image and poem!
    Well done!

  3. Beautiful words and image, thanks Barbara.

  4. Hi! I have you're new link changed in our blogroll. Lovely colors and image!

  5. Anna, thank you for updating your blogroll! I'm happy you've followed me over here! :)

  6. Hello -I was most pleasantly surprised to open your website and discover that my poem "Queen of Autumn" was posted along with your exquisite art. It depicts my vision of the Queen of Autumn perfectly. I would be most interested in receiving a copy as shown with my poem. Please advise cost, which I would anticipate would be discounted, as my poem was used. I have several season poems that you may be interested in viewing for your art viewable on VoicesNet: Empress of Winter, Kingdom of Ice, Sister Summer, Seasons in the Wind and Princess of Summer, among many other nature poems.
    My email as follows:

    Beautiful images!

    Nancy Ellen Crossland

  7. Hi Nancy! I'm thrilled you stopped by! Thank you so much for the use of your poem! I'll email you soon!


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