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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Simple Beauty

Beautiful Woman

Beautiful woman,
come out and play,
reveal your inner treasures.

The sparkle in your eyes,
the natural swing in your walk,
you radiate excitement and enthusiasm.

You need no latest fashion,
No expensive hair cuts,
No blinding big accessories.

You glow in your passions,
passionate in your pursuits,
you know what you are made of.

You are not easily bothered,
by the mindless opinions of others,
you know very well where you want to go.

you are a joy to watch,
an inspiration to others,
your pure soul an endless marvel.

Beautiful woman,
let your brilliance shine through,
your eyes speak of true inner beauty.

Copyright © 2007 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.


  1. lovely poem selection for the picture. very positive message :)

  2. Beautiful and simple and elegant image!

  3. Robbin and montucky--thank you so much!!

  4. Beautiful image and great poem.
    Thanks!! Very inspirational :-)

  5. Beautiful and elegant image with a lovely poem to match.

  6. Thank you Jonie and Kate!! :)

  7. Sam and Andy, you are so welcome!!

  8. I want to thank you for coming by my blog and regularly commenting on my mandala art. If you want to learn the basic techniques for making these mandalas in Photoshop, read here:

  9. What a coincidence!! I was just going to search for mandala tuts after I checked my email and here was your post! Thank you Sue! And thanks for stopping by to visit!

  10. Love the new "SIGHT"!

  11. Wow! This is gorgeous! Classical and well done! Great poem that goes with too! :)

  12. Nice composition and beautiful poem. Elegant in presentation.


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