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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Past

Faulkner said: “The past is never dead; it’s not even past.”

All of us labor in webs spun long before we were born, webs of heredity and environment, of desire and consequence, of history and eternity.

Haunted by wrong turns and roads not taken, we pursue images perceived as new but whose provenance dates to the dim dramas of childhood, which are themselves but ripples of consequence echoing down the generations. The quotidian demands of life distract  from this resonance of images and events, but some of us feel it always.

From “The Quiet Game” by Greg Iles


  1. Wise words.
    We just need to live abroad to understand that our way is not the only way and we are challenged :-))

  2. Childhood never returns, but we often yearn to return to its days of innocence and wonder.

  3. Heard tell it is possible present day events/happenings/thoughts/ideas and etc., are brought about by our future selves.

  4. Montucky, that is so true! Thank you! :)

    Preston, that is very interesting! Something to ponder. :)

  5. I really like the way you processed this image... gives a reminiscent feel, for sure. I love that the quote by Greg Iles...insightful and wise. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have and feel the innocence and wonder as adults... and even those of us growing long in tooth? Wonderful post. :)

  6. It would be nice to feel that innocence/wonder again!

    Thank you, Anna! :)


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