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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Opposite Of Love

The Opposite of Love

Some people think

The opposite of love

Is hate...

That’s a big mistake;

When you’ve loved someone

With all your soul,

And poured everything

From your heart,

When you’ve loved-someone

So deeply from the start

And then love-leaves-you,

Like a soul-shattering-pain-of-glass

You’re hoping soon that-this-will-pass

Wondering how the hell

Did your wires-get-so-crossed?

The opposite of love

Is not hate at all

The opposite of Love




  1. I agree!
    Great poem and image!

  2. Excellent poem with an excellent picture!

  3. Thank you Jonie and Mike! :)

  4. love the poem, it is soooo true!!! love the pic too. love you sis!!

  5. Haunting, both the image and the poem... and so true!

  6. I should probably not say how interesting the curves and lines are in the photo for Anna may see my reply and may hit me on the head with a broom stick, so I will not say anything about the curves and lines however interesting they are.

  7. That's right, Preston, don't mention anything about the curves and lines -- not a word! :)))

    Actually, that's why I chose that particular background -- the colors, the curves matched her pose so very well!

  8. This is so true. If you ever love somebody how could you hate him or her. Yes loss is pain and the pain never goes away.
    I like the poem more than the art but that is only me. Thanks very much for sharing.


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