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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Her Violin Sings At Night

Her Violin Sings at Night

She plays softly by the moonlight
In mournful solitude surrounded by mist
With the moon listening to the violin's song.
The notes caress the stars at night
As the violin sings with her tenderness.
The night carries the music along.

She comes alone at night to sit by the lake
And pour her heart into the violin's strings.
The violin's voice haunts the nighttime air.
She plays a song of longing that makes her heart break.
Her spirit weeps as her violin sings,
While into the night rises a song of despair.

The moon and the stars lend their ears
As the solitary maiden comes to play
And the mournful notes take flight.
They listen until the sun's greeting nears
And the tune finishes with the birth of the day,
But will be started anew when her violin sings at night.

Copyright 2011, William Michael Winegar


  1. that was so cool sis. dad would have loved that. love the poem too!!! xxoo

  2. Thanks Sis! Yes, Dad would have loved it, for sure! :)

  3. Beautiful! The poem carries the same mystical feeling that the image does.

  4. I absolutely love the picture you put with my poem! Thank you so much!

  5. Very touching, love it.

  6. Thank you, Montucky! I'm sure Mike will appreciate your comment also! :)

    Thank YOU, Mike, for allowing me the use of your beautiful poem! :)

    Thank you, dear Jonie! :)

  7. First off the rose/cursor thing is way cool. As far as the violin. My sister has been playing her violin at our Dad's grave and this post reminded me of that. The words just fit perfectly.

  8. Wow, that is soooo awesome Preston!!

    The cursor is being tried out just for fun. Thanks! :)

  9. Yes, there is an otherworldly feel to this image along with poem, and I agree with Preston thinking about my little sister-in-law playing her violin. Lovely...

    By the way, how did you get your cursor flower? A code you put in the CSS? Curious. I like it. :)

  10. Thank you so much, Anna! :)

    I added HTML to my template, for the cursor. The site I use has a huge selection and supplies CSS and HTML codes. You can find it here:

  11. 'Tis an evocative, magical image. Do you know what melody she's playing?

  12. Thank you and welcome, portraits...!! She is playing whatever song is in your head/heart. :)


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