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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

My Mother

A total self commitment
Not fame nor fortune need
She gave herself completely
In thought, in word, in deed.

She never stopped to wonder
On blessings she might earn
But tried instead to teach me
And prayed that I might learn.

And now I'm older, wiser
I understand much more
And look with admiration
Her presence I adore.

Mother gave me everything
A debt I can't repay
So help me God to show her
My love in every way.

~© Rosemary Wynings~


  1. That image is so well done! The roses are a perfect touch!

  2. Thank you, Terry! I almost didn't add the roses, glad I changed my mind! :)

    Thank you, Jonie! :)

  3. looks great! and hope you have a smooth Mothers' Day !

  4. You, too, Yolo! Thank you! :)

  5. What a very lovely image, and I just love the roses added. Very nice!

  6. Thank you so much, Anna! :)


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