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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Jewelry Tree

Photo credit: Montucky (Terry)

Terry, I changed nothing except to select the 'jewelry' parts 
and apply an Edge Enhance filter and added a pop-out frame.
Thank you so much for letting me play with it! :)

I wrote a quick little ditty to go with it.....

Baubles litter  maple leaves
Shining in the sunset
Tiny flashlights illuminating
the way to enchantment


  1. I love it! That's such a classy treatment! I also love the poem! I added it to my photo file so I wouldn't lose it.

  2. How very pretty! You should really write more, I've always told you what a wonderful gift you have!! May inspiration bubble up inside you :-)))

  3. Thank you, Terry! I'm glad you love it! :)

    Thank you, Jonie! I'm writing every day, but not poetry. Sometimes, a poem will pop in my head but it's very rare. :)

  4. so pretty, it makes me want to add (fake) diamonds to some of my plants, hmmmmmm... ;) always thinking.... nice ditty barb!

  5. hahahaha!! You do that, Yolo! Thank you! :)

  6. I had especially liked this capture of Terry's, and you did a great job with the effects and framing... beautiful. Also, wonderful ditty to go with.

  7. Thank you, Anna! I appreciate it! :)

  8. Your words have enchanted the image. You are really good at this sort of thing. I'm curious what you are writing when your not writing poems.

  9. Thank you, Preston! I just dabble in writing when the mood strikes me- which isn't often. I was trying my hand at a novel. Got the first chapter written and keep re-working it. I feel I'm never going to get past that first chapter! :))

  10. Your characters will guide you. All you have to do is listen to them.

  11. Thanks for the advice, Preston. I appreciate it! :)


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