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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Woman Suppressed


When there were decisions to be made
The woman’s voice was stifled.

When there were opinions to be stated
The woman’s voice was stifled.

When there were rules to be made
The woman’s voice was stifled.

When there were thoughts to be expressed
The woman’s voice was stifled.

When there were ideas to be bandied about
The woman’s voice was stifled.

As if she were faded into the background--unimportant.

Barbara B. Baskin 2010


  1. Your image and poem???
    So true, so well put.
    I am impressed - well done!
    Looking forward to more.
    Hugs, Jonie

  2. I think this is a great poem...but I feel there should be more added show how far we have come since that day and age and how this woman might be so amazed at how different her life might be today. =o)

  3. Thank you so much Jonie! The image is done by me using a photo, with permission, from Preston. Yes, the poetry is mine. Very rarely do I become inspired to write poetry but this woman's photo just brought it out of me.

    Jes, thank you for your feedback. I agree--she would be very amazed at the way the tide has turned at this time.

  4. Wonderful post. We women have come a long way. This is quite a reminder. Thank you!

  5. Just have to comment again - yes, we have come a long way, but women still earn up to 30%less than men in the western world and are still in a vast minority when it comes to positions of influence and power. Just look at big firms, politics - where are the women? The poorest in the world are women and children.
    And how many are abused in their marriages?
    And let's not talk about the rest of the world - forced marriages, no education, slaves to their husbands, hardly any health care, sold into prostitution ... we have a long way to go! I think those words of your poem are very, very valid!
    Ok, off my soapbox! Hugs!

  6. We have come a long way fortunately, very well written poem Barbara. You should write more!

  7. Oh, Barbara, I like how you've done this with the fading back. The poem is wonderful! We women have come a long way; however, our voices are very much needed in strength for ourselves and for the children. Many times women still stifle their voices of the many injustices seen under the shadow of a still patriach society and way of thinking. Time to 'unfade' and move to the foreground and speak up!

  8. Thank you Jonie! Yes, there is still a long way to go. I believe this woman would be very proud of women today for the progress we've made--so far!

    Thank you Kate. I write when the mood strikes me which isn't often.

    Anna, I'm so happy you like the image. Yes, we still need to stand strong and speak up against the injustices imposed upon us. We're not finished yet by a long shot.

  9. OMG, Barbara other than the photo, had you any clue who this lady was? What you have done with this is awesome. Your words, she would have been so proud of. Come to find out this woman has a name, it is Francis Willard. She was president of a college, a journalist, and edited the Chicago Daily Post. However the image you have produced came from a painting used to display exactly what you had written. What you did not see in this painting was the Madman, the Mentally Disabled Man, and the Convict. The contrast was to show what all these men had in common with Francis. None of them were granted equal voting rights.

    I agree with Jonie, Anonymous, Neva, Kate, and Anna. Barbara your image, your words, most wonderfully captured the oppression woman have and are going through.

    Your writing was poignantand and incisive. Wow... simply wonderful.

  10. Oh my! Preston, I got goose bumps when I read your comment! Your opinion really mattered to me on this image. You more or less challenged me to come up with an image, based on your photo, to portray my feelings of seeing the sadness in her eyes and to find a poem to match it. It inspired me to write my own words--something I rarely do anymore.
    Thank you so much for your wonderful compliments! :)

  11. hello...i just read your blog and i absolutely love what you did with the picture. the poem certainly contains truth. as women, we have far to go still. imagine if the power of women came together for a cause...even on a local level much less a global level!

    btw...thank you for stopping in to read the funny. it is one of the few items on my blog page that do not belong to me. i just thought it was hilarious...and the pic certainly was funny!

    have a great evening!


  12. Hi Cali! Welcome to my site! I'm glad you agree with the statement made here. I rarely do anything with a political bent but I had a challenge from the photographer and went with it.

    The funny, on your site, was very funny and I just HAD to comment! I enjoyed many things there and will return!


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