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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hope for the Homeless


I sit behind the bars wondering what I did to deserve this.
Why am I here? What did I do wrong?
Will I ever find a home?

I hear voices, I see people!
I bark, wagging my tail.
I scream out “Pick me, oh please pick me!”
But just like my luck they pass my pen choosing my friend.

I lay back in my cold, cramped cage.
Would someone come who’d care for me?
Love me?

Days pass by, continued by weeks.
Yet still I’m all alone in this pen.
I give up hope, watching as my friends find homes, yet I’m still here.
All alone.

Footsteps can be heard; they stop near my jail cell.
I look up at the friendly face.
She smiles and says she wants this one.

I jump for joy.
“Oh yes, I’m free!”
She laughs and says, “You’re coming home with me!”

Finally I found a home; sweet home.
Somewhere I can play and roam.
Now I’m happy thanks to her.
I know I’ll show her all I know.
‘Cause I never want to go back there.
Back there where I had no hope.

Rachael Ann Drummond


  1. Two years ago, we did pick one and we are so glad we did. One of the reasons we chose her was that she looked as though she had given up hope. My wife now calls her my shadow: she is always in the same room that I'm in.

  2. Terry, that is great! I worked at our county humane society as a treatment room supervisor in charge of vaccines and other medical care. There are so many that need homes. It became too sad for me after 4 years and I had to leave.

  3. Lovely poem, though the whole issue of abandoned animals is dreadful. I'm not surprised you had to leave after some years.It really is heartbreaking.
    Hugs and thanks.

  4. I would love a dog but don't have the time to commit properly, what a lovely poem and touching picture.

  5. My Bella was adopted from the SPCA & Bandit was a rescue also.

  6. Oh, how precious and tugs the heart. All of our dogs and cats are rescues. We've worked with the humane society but as a foster home and helping place dogs. Yes, it is sad and so many that need homes. Also, those that do have homes I've seen maltreatment in some and it truly bothers me to the nth degree.

  7. Thank you so much Jonie!

    Kate, it is very wise of you to hold back from adopting due to lack of time to commit. Many don't take this into consideration and end up neglecting the animal which is just as sad.

    Peggy, that's great! Glad you did that!

    Anna, that is fantastic! I also did rescue from my home. Yes, I've seen many abusive pet owners and it just sickens me!

  8. Wonderful post and statement. Seems there are so many disposable pets. You can only do what you can do to help. I'm with Anna about some folks who should never own pets, why they do I don't know for they are so awful to them.

  9. Awww, poor puppy! I'm glad it had a happy ending, these animal stories make me so sad usually...

  10. Hi Giulia! Welcome to my blog! Yes, this one has a happy ending. Sadly, many don't.

  11. gosh, i loved this one. makes me want to take them all home. dynamite poem!!


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