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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Alone Time

A Little While

You don't understand me
I don't expect you to
This deep spiritual need I have
Directs me differently than you

I am a soul, born unique
Unusual it's true
And I have needs
That I must meet
To do the things I do

Peace at times
I must have
In order to create
Creation is the air I breathe
With no peace I suffocate

Please don't take offense with me
If at times it seems I hide
And shut the world out
Including you
As there's no offense implied

So let me have this time I plea
To do what I do differently
I will be back to laugh and smile
I just need a little while

-Neva Flores 2009  


  1. Great image to go with Neva's poem :-)))

  2. A great image and the title is perfect for it!

  3. Beautiful poem and picture, thanks Barbara.

  4. I love this! How so beautiful with the colors, framing and subject. You sure do know how to pick the frames for your artful images. I really like the poem.

  5. 3B this near-a-bouts looks 3D. Beautiful.

  6. Thank you Anna! I wasn't even sure I wanted to use a frame, I almost took it off. Glad you liked it!

    Preston, now that I look at it again it does seem almost 3D. I used a Soft Focus filter on her so maybe that did the trick--??.

  7. Your artwork is incredible. Thank you so much for using my poetry with your beautiful work.

  8. Hi Neva! I must thank YOU for the use of your wonderful poem! I can truly relate to it!

  9. I love Alone Time. It reminds me of where I am at now.

  10. Hi Alice! Welcome to my site! I'm happy you could relate to this image! Treasure your 'alone time', it's so important to your personal growth! :)


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