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Wednesday, July 13, 2011



The wind blows, stirs, billowing flaming tresses.
A mystic magic this prize of locks possesses.
Green eyes with just a hint of mischief fill
Alluding to her strength, her forceful will.
She is so like moonlight, like full moon's light.
So pale and so perfect that it just seems right,
That freckles flecked in myriad across her skin,
As in the sky one looks at the stars within.
And beautiful without bounds, are they and she,
Without stars, where would the sky's beauty be?
Not just in the brilliant sunrise flame of her hair
But how she does everything with certain flair,
There is inside her, a flame that shows through,
In everything large and small she chooses to do.
Moods and temper flit like autumn winds blow,
Not even she knows in which direction they'll go.

Copyright Heather Glenn 2007


  1. Ha, you redheads! ;))) you are very lucky to be so unique, go for the mood!

  2. You got that right, Yolo!!! :))) Thank you!

  3. I was born with red hair, then it turned blonde, then it turned light brown, and then it finally turned loose.

  4. Hahahahaha!!! Very funny! Thank you, Mike! :)

  5. That reminds me of a sign I saw on an 18-wheeler many years ago: "This truck stops for red lights, stop signs, railroad crossings, blondes and brunettes and will back up 300 yards for a true Redhead."

  6. Yep, that's us :-)))
    Freckles are sun-kisses! I have loads and loads, I'm blessed :-)))

  7. Montucky, I LOVE that!!! hahahaha! Thank you! :)

    Jonie, I don't have many freckles. I saved them to pass down to my first granddaughter and she is peppered with them! :)) Thank you!

  8. LOL, Montucky.... LOL

    I've always loved true red hair and a few of my relatives inherited the Irish genes of red hair. I have red highlights in my hair and tried to be a red head and looked like someone who dyed her hair red. LOL Great image and poem to go with.

    Oh, and I do like freckles too. I used to have freckles and they disappeared with age.

  9. Redheads and freckles go together for sure!

    Yes, Anna, Montucky is a hoot!! Thank you for commenting! :)


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