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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Night Of Faeries

Night of Faeries

Evening falls across the heather
And the stars come out to dance.
The faerie folk come to life
And fill the night with their lyrical chants.

The mists on the moors swirl and caper about,
Taking rock and tree to embrace
The faerie folk make merry and dance about
'Neath the silver of the moon's face.

by Mike Winegar

(Mike has since added to this poem. You can read the entire version at the link in Mike's name)


  1. awww very cool, my granddaughters would love this. It also would make a great puzzle!

  2. Puzzle? That sounds interesting. Cool idea! Thank you, Yolo! :)

  3. loved the faeries. i have collected a lot of pics of them. keep up the good work sis. love ya!!

  4. This is very beautiful!! I especially like the purple sky with the glow of the moon. I agree, it would make a neat puzzle! Very nice work!

  5. Thank you, Sis!! :)

    Welcome SunhatRose and thank you for your comment! :)

  6. Lovely image, Barbara! It brought back an image from my childhood of fireflies on a warm summer evening.

  7. absolutely wonderful,everyone should come take a look at the additions, Mike, your poetry is magical.

  8. I can see Tinkerbell and that is rather nice :-)))

  9. Montucky, Neva, and Jonie-- thank you for your comments! :)

  10. Oh, how divine! I love fairy pictures. There is nothing like a bit of magic. Wonderful poem to go with. :)

  11. Just like Montucky, I thought about fireflies. Captivating image Barbra.

  12. Must be a guy thing, Preston! hahaha!! Thank you for stopping by and commenting. :)


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