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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Piano Player


Those hateful keys,
All so musically perfect.

Wretched music;
Pages thrown up everywhere.

The polished wood
Gleams and shines, daring you to try.

You have no choice,
You must do as your teacher says.

You settle down,
Sitting on the freezing, hard seat.

Non-budging hands
Makes your head start spinning within.

Then it makes sense,
Why and how you are sitting here.

Your hands fly off,
Tickling the ivory keys.

Wondrous music
Steadily flows towards your ears.

Suddenly stuck
In its musical fantasy

Jessica Pui hung Lee


  1. hahaha yes, I know the feeling! Now I wish I'd not given up... perhaps I should start again....
    mmhhh good one, has made me think!!:-)

  2. great image and words! one of my regrets, never got to play piano :(

  3. I always wanted to learn but never have. Maybe I should add that to my bucket list!
    Thanks, Jonie and Yolo! :)

  4. Reminds me of when I studied piano years ago. I suppose I should have stayed with it. Love the poem and the picture. They both work well together.

  5. I see a theme here-- we either used to play or wanted to play! Thank you, Mike! :)

  6. That brought back a memory! In my younger years I had a piano book with a design a little bit like that on the front cover.

  7. Now, that is interesting! I didn't know they had graphics/images like this way back then! ;)

    Thanks for commenting, Terry! :)

  8. Do you think it is too late? Can we learn how to play a piano at this age? Is it actually doable and something which could be put into the bucket list? I know in my next life time I will certainly be playing the piano. At an early age to boot.

  9. I think we can at least TRY! I bet you will in the next life, too!

    Thanks Preston! :)

  10. Very, very nice image... I love the infinity feel of the keyboard as if music resounding throughout the universe. I used to play piano and I have had some very nice pianos. I gave up playing years ago. However, now it is my dream to own a particular piano and to play again! The wonderful image brought up my dream. :)


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