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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Beast

The Beast

Its appetite is voracious,
Its manners less than gracious,
Taking, taking, never giving,
Consuming the lives of the living.

Having no conscience or remorse,
Once loosed it always stays its course,
Destroying all that is in its path,
Never considering the aftermath.

Destruction is its nature, you see,
Though it has no dislike for you or me,
It ever follows its natural bent,
Being impartial in its ravishment.

by Richard Ellis


  1. A beautiful photo choice Barbara and I love the poem.

  2. Well done - your frame is perfect for that photo.
    Great poem also :-))

  3. wow, well done!! cool image, frame and poem all in complete synergy!!

  4. Cool! Thank you bunches, Lorilynn! :)

  5. What a great frame for the big guy, and the poem fits perfectly! I really like it!

  6. This image is for hanging on a wall of an impressive house! Good job B!

  7. Thank you so much, Montucky, for stopping by and for the very nice comment! :)

    Thank you, Giulia! That's a great idea! :)

  8. And what a magnificent beast! Love the frame as it certainly goes with! Looks like it is ready to jump right out at you. :)

  9. So true of the wild animal. Beautiful image and nice framing.


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