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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ride 'Em Cowgirl

Ride 'Em Cowgirl (lyrics)
sung by Sherrie Austin

Hey, there cowgirl Where ya going to
Has the trail you're on Caught up with you?

You've always known The dice would roll your way
If your luck ran out You could up and ride away, hey.

But cowgirl where's your home You always ride alone
Why don't you settle down Make a good man happy, oh
But you're always on the run Is it somethin' or someone
Or a dream you haven't found That keeps you in the saddle
Oh, ride 'em cowgirl.

You've had lovers Yeah, they still come along
But you never let Them love too long
Now it's twilight time And the sun is sinkin' low
As your heart moves on To another rodeo, oh.

Repeat Chorus

Time will always be the faster gun
So can you share the reins
Before your race is run.

Cowgirl where's your home You always ride alone
Is it a dream you haven't found That keeps you in the saddle, oh
Ride 'em cowgirl


  1. Beautiful and sad too, somehow. Your beautiful image expresses that so well!

  2. Thank you so much, Jonie! :)

  3. charming lyrics, thanks for posting.

  4. I just love that image, and the poem is great too! Barrel racing has become my favorite event in the rodeo: those gals can ride! It's has stayed pure rodeo while some of the other events have begun to emphasize the extreme.

  5. Jonie's right is quite sad, quite poignant. Beautiful image Barbara.

  6. Just by reading this I can hear a tune in my head ♥ great one Barbara!

  7. Neva, Kate, and Giulia Thank you for stopping by and commenting! :)

    Montucky, my niece is a champion barrel racer here in West Texas. It is an amazing sight to watch. Thank you! :)

  8. wow... looks etched into wood. Her arm looks like it is sticking out of the photo. You have a way with a 3D perspective Ms. 3B.

  9. Hmmm... I didn't even see it that way. Any 3D look was purely by accident! Thank you, Preston! :)

  10. I love watching the expertness of the cowgirls from all ages at the rodeo. Lovely image with wonderful frame and poem to go with.

  11. Thank you, Anna! Yes, those girls are certainly talented! :)

  12. Love the picture, and the song makes it even better! Maybe someone can tame her someday.

  13. Hahaha! Yeh, maybe someday! Thank you, Mike! :)


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