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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Shell

The Shell

One last walk along the beach before I say goodbye
The time here was a dream come true
A joy for mind and eye,

The waves, the air, the glorious sky
Renewal of my soul
At times I just would cry,

And as I strolled a shell unusual amongst the rest had caught my eye
So perfect in shape and color
Iridescent glints reflected in rainbow hues
Lavender, violet, golden yellow, orange and brilliant blue,
And as I turned it over catching the reflection of the sun,
It seemed to capture all the beauty and peace I had experienced,

The blazing sun, the immense white clouds, the countless stars,
The waves
All encased in this lovely shell within my hand
That the sand and water had made,
A memory held now forever captured in this shell,

The waves will forever be changing
The sky and clouds as well
But the colors and memories will forever remain
In this perfect shell.

Nancy Crossland


  1. I adore shells. Love this collaboration.

  2. I too love the sea and beach, seashells and breezes. Great(((Barbara)))

  3. Absolutely wonderful! the picture perfectly compliments the imagery in this poem.

  4. Thank you so much Jonie and Mike! :) :)

  5. i love walking the beaches, i have quite a collection of shells, it is a peaceful pastime, as this is a peaceful poem. thanks barb

  6. That shell is beautiful by itself, but I love your treatment of it! The poem compliments it well.

  7. Such a lovely poem Barbara, I'd not read any of Nancy Crossland before, beautiful.

  8. Thank you, Montucky! :)

    Thank you, Kate! I've used several of Nancy's poems here. She is quite talented! :)

  9. Very nice and such a lovely shell! Great poem to go with. :)

  10. I couldn't help but to think of Pocahontas and The Color of the Wind while reading the poem and looking at your image. As if you captured both the ocean and wind inside this shell. I remember holding such a shell to my ear and listening to exactly what you have portrayed here in your image.

  11. I'm happy to have brought on a good memory for you, Preston! Thank you for stopping by and commenting! :)


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