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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Autumn Fantasy

Autumn Fantasy

In my autumn fantasy
Endless miles of blazing color
Spreads beneath my feet,

Light mist lingers through the trees;
Swirling gently with each breeze
Colors mesh in focus
Then fade;
In waves of brilliance and subtle haze,

I gather leaves;
Their unique beauty surrounding me
Inhaling their scent appreciatively,

I'd gladly coexist in this fragrant mist
My gaze defining the trees shapes and forms;
As I feel the sun on my face
Now warm,

I could stroll forever
In this place,
In awe I am of beauty
As only seen in a dream,

And when the sun has faded from the sky,
On a bed of soft leaves
Will I lie;
To dream again
In ecstasy
Of my autumn fantasy.

Nancy Ellen Crossland


  1. Autumn really is a time of fantasy and the poem describes it well. That's a beautiful image: I would love to walk down that road!

  2. wow, i love this. just beautiful and the poem was breathtaking. thanks for sharing!!

  3. Thank you Montucky and Lorilynn! I would love to walk down this road also! I love Autumn and it's beautiful colors! :)

  4. Wonderful... I'll join you all :-))

  5. Come along, Jonie, it'll be fun! :)
    Thank you very much, Neva! :)
    Thanks so much, Giulia! :)

  6. Really nice Autumn Wreath encasing a path into Autumn land. We are not having much of a Fall this year. Leaves are going from green to dead like overnight. Not that much color. Oh well, at least I can enjoy the colors in your image.

  7. Preston, that is sad! The Fall colors are always looked forward to, such a shame to miss them! Thank you for stopping by! :)

  8. Lovely colors and framing Autumn Wreath. Great poem to go with!


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