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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Struttin' the Peacock Rag

Struttin' the Peacock Rag
(Just a note. The males lose their long tail feathers in autumn
- not that it stops them struttin' the peacock rag)

Flash the blue high stepper
Doffing the green fedora
Sparkle the blades
Down the legs
And strut the peacock rag

Wink your wings to the ladies
Croon that old siren song
Hop with the rest
Show her your best
And strut the peacock rag

Spring is your casino royale
Summer is Reno and Vegas
Swooning the hens
Mooning the wrens
And strutting the peacock rag

But alas it is now coming winter
The tail is tattered and bare
Lost the last feather
Damn this weather
And strutting the peacock rag

You waggle your tail boldly
And furl your pinions up high
Sadly only stubs
No eyes, only nubs
Trying to peacock rag.

And the ladies are all a twitter
Giggling in a dither
At their silly peacock rag.

Lynn Kincade 


  1. Hahaha, wonderful. I didn't know they lost their tails in winter. Somehow I feel this should be set to music...Thanks for the giggle!

  2. Male peacocks are stunning birds! And you brought a beautiful tribute to them with this poem B.!

  3. Thank you Jonie and Giulia!
    I didn't know they shed their feathers either!

  4. yeah, i didn't know they lost the feathers either. great post. really cute!!!!! men can be real peacocks, preening their shtuff:))

  5. Hahaha! Yep, that's how men can be alright!
    Thanks, Lorilynn!

  6. What a rhythm going on here and a lovely picture also! Thank you for this........

  7. That's a really lovely image, and I enjoyed the poem very much! Thanks!

  8. That's a great poem and the picture is beautiful.

  9. Thank you Montucky and Kate! :)

  10. Strutting the Peacock that's one I,ve never heard before (not that I'm an expert on poetry). The image is beautiful, and the poem is great!

  11. I thought it was quite whimsical! Thank you, Mike, for visiting! :)

  12. I posted a poem about a pure white peacock on my tumblr bluepueblo blog, it was even more stunning than some of the multi-colored ones.
    Keep up the good work Barbara.

  13. Hi Doug! I've seen the white ones and they are so gorgeous and unique looking! I'll have to look for it on your Tumbl site! :)

  14. What a pretty peacock!

    Just wanted to send you a quick congrats; I just gave you another award over at TOMW!

  15. Hi C. Beth!! Thank you for your comment!
    Wow! Another award? I'm coming to get it! Thank you! :)


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