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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cowboy Poetry

Cowboy Poetry

Whether you’re young or gettin’ old
there’s ‘cowboy poetry’ to be told
‘bout those men who rode the range,
some folks thinkin’ it plum’ strange

But, ya might just wanna take a listen,
tho’ tales could cause tear drops to glisten,
stories told of times cowboys lived,
hard work, and carin’ hearts they’d give

Of nights men sat ‘round blazin’ fires,
told windy stories of life’s desires
in a form that may seem odd today,
then, ‘cowboy poetry’ was relaxin’ play

They’d express what happened on the trail,
share with others hardy-hale,
dreams of what the future’d bring
if a wide loop they could only swing

They talked ‘bout critters of all breeds,
in ‘cowboy poetry’, claimed their creeds
to settle land way out west there,
an’ along the way, a sweetheart snare

But sadly, those early days are gone,
tho’ thankfully, their tales live on
as poets tell of the cowboys' plight,
hopin’ they got the stories right…

Tamara Hillman


  1. Now how did you manage to get a photo of me and my horse? Lost the buttons to that old shirt long time ago while scraping with a bear. Made for a nice blanket for my horse.

    Great job Barbara, really rustic.

  2. Hahahaha!! Thank you, Preston! I used to enjoy Western art quite a bit and thought it'd be nice to try my hand at it. :)

  3. Never read this poem before, great Cowboy Poetry, thanks Barbara, I also like the pic!

  4. Thanks Kate! Cowboy Poetry is 'out there'. I found many sites listing hundreds of poems. I just don't think it is all that popular anymore.

  5. I like that piece, Barbara! I've lived my whole life in the west and have always liked the poetry and the art.

  6. Thanks montucky! I used to collect the art but my tastes have changed over the years, but I'm rekindling my interest in it now.

  7. Say! I really like this! Wonderful in the composition and well put together. I just love the scenery in the hat. Wonderful cowboy art and poem to go with. (Ha-ha-ha.... snickering about what Preston said. Bear indeed.) :)

  8. Hahaha! Yeh, the 'bear' story was off the wall alright! Thank you, Anna for your nice comment!

  9. I wish I'd be kidnapped by a handsome cowboy... :D

  10. This is my first cowboy poetry :-)) Image is great too. Thanks and have fun "rekindling your interest" !

  11. Oh, me too, Giulia! Makes for a nice daydream anyway! Thank you!

    Thank you Jonie! :)


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