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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

(I 'built' this image myself--no photos involved)

The Witch's Hour

As a mysterious colored moon glowed above
Fog blanketed the damp marsh ground below.
Thick white images swirled about the cove, 
And haunting sounds echoed frightful woes.

Swish, a group of bats flew over the meadow.
That creepy, batty noise pierced a pain of fear. 
For, it was the night of the witch’s marrow.
No one dared to venture without someone dear.

Pumpkins and goblins decorated every lawn.
The tales of Jockey horror tapped on each door
Children cried trick or treat until early dawn
Candy filled their sacks quickly and more.

The darkness remained ever young to all.
Will Linuses great pumpkin rise tonight?
Then one wonders, how evil demons call?
Only on Halloween is there such a fright.

Once it is past the ghoul’s hour of midnight,
All mortals of foul revert to there place,
The moon above returned a normal sight,
And the smog lifted from any kind of trace.

Monica Engeler


  1. Scary!! Well done to your image!!

  2. Hey, this is pretty spooky cool! LOL Yeah for you on hand-created (what I call it) and not from a photograph. I've done two pictures digitally so far and it is fun! I haven't even thought about doing a picture for Halloween! Well done! I really like this. :)

  3. Thanks Anna! I rarely get the time to create an image from the background on to a completed image. So, this was fun and different for once!

  4. Oh thank you, Sam/Andy/Judi!! I really appreciate it! :) xxxxxxx

  5. What a great creation! I love it!

  6. Spooky picture fits the poem perfectly!

  7. Thanks for the feedback on my photo. :)

    This is deliciously Halloweenish!

  8. Thanks jren for stopping by and you're welcome---your photo was very nice!

  9. I love it. Gives a 3D feel about it.

  10. Well I'll be darned, Preston! I didn't even notice that, but you're right! Cool!


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